About Eline Ostyn

Architectural design by Eline Ostyn

The studio is a Belgian-based collective working in the fields of residential architecture, commercial interiors and furniture. 

Elegance, proportions, tactility, free-flowing space – the relation between the interior and the exterior are being treated equally crucial and are considered as a whole. Since founding her own practice in 2017, Eline Ostyn translates her conceptional understanding into physical spaces.

Her approach is founded on the notion of space evoking emotions. Both her projects’ environment as well as her clients’ personality are the starting point of a valuable interpretation. Aiming for aesthetics as much as functionality, personalisation drives the highest attention of detail in any of her realisations. Architecture is present at every scale.

For the total realisation of your project, from construction until loose furniture, refurbishment and new built, the studio offers a personalised conceptual design, materialisation, technical plans, and site monitoring.

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About Eline Ostyn

Eline Ostyn grew up in a creative family of artists, architects and engineers. Equipped with an innate ability for form and space, she read contemporary architectural theory at the Architectural Association School of London (AA School) after her studies at the Henry van de Velde Institute, Antwerp. Due to her time spent abroad, it aroused the curiosity to study other architectural cultures.

Having always been enthused by Brazilian modernism, she joined studio MK27 in São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked several years as an interior architect by the side of Marcio Kogan. On her first day at the office, she remembers visiting a then recent realisation of Kogan.Upon entering the house, she was deeply moved by a feeling of warmth through the thoughtful use of materials.

Appreciating the diverse culture of life and living, Eline comprehended how architectural proportions and the use of materials affect and influence the inhabitants as well as its visitors.

A space is not just a space; a space can evoke an emotion by its materiality, light and ratio of volumes. The same applies to the creations by her other mentor, John Pawson. His serene spaces bathing in light exude pure tranquillity. Eline’s international projects became a vehicle for her understanding of how people dwell, experience and value their surroundings. Just like style, dwelling is a forever evolving matter.